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You Can Slide All the way down to Your Terminal at Singapore Changi Airport

Plot twist: We just found one of the coolest things you’ll ever see in an airport… And yes, we meant it when we said twist. Singapore Airport already takes the cake as the best airport in the world, and in case you needed another reason to extend your layover at SIN, well — feast your …

Plot twist: We simply discovered probably the most coolest stuff you’ll ever see in an airport… And sure, we supposed it once we stated twist.

Singapore Airport already takes the cake because the easiest airport on the earth, and when you wanted one more reason to increase your layover at SIN, smartly — banquet your eyes in this:

Yup, I’ll take your “beedoop gadget that makes beedoop noises” and lift you a real slide that takes you right down to the terminal.

Higher but, this isn’t even The Slide at SIN… it’s simply a slide. The Slide is a virtually 40-foot slide positioned in Terminal 3 that used to be unveiled again in 2010, or even claims the identify of the “international’s tallest slide within an airport.”

The slide within the video is positioned at Terminal 4; you’ll in finding it after going via safety. Passenger Yusuf El Askary took the video and stated, “I had by no means observed anything else adore it at an airport, I couldn’t consider it used to be true till I in truth attempted it!”

Toto, we’re no longer in LaGuardia anymore.

Featured picture of Singapore airport via Ethan Steinberg / The Issues Man