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How to plan a holiday

If you love planning your holiday, then you know that the whole thing from deciding where to go, figuring out where to stay, getting the best deals when it comes to flights, hotels and car rental can take months of research.

And that’s why we offer to your attention some tips to planning your next holiday.

Decide where you want to go

For some people it might be more of a case of deciding where you don’t want to go. Others might be about beaches or activities, shows or shopping. Some might be driven by budget.

Read travel blogs. Find some you like and let them inspire you.

Use a flight scraping website to find best prices

Some websites has a great tool for setting a price alert so you will get an email when the airfare changes. This is very handy if you are planning a trip a long way out and have the time and luxury to wait for a good price. Skyscanner and Webjet are great examples of such websites.

Hotel websites

To choose a hotel use sites such as, a travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations. You can easily choose a suitable room for yourself and book it.

Read reviews

Visit websites like Tripadvisor to see the honest reviews from travellers. You’ll also find tips there that others leave like things they did, places they ate, how they got around and this all helps.


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