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Top 5 Grand Boulevards

If you like traveling and are going somewhere soon, then pay attention to the following grand boulevards in the world that are worth visiting.

Champs-Elysées (Paris, France)

Accentuated with glorified buildings, quaint shops, delightful cafes and perfectly-landscaped horse-chestnut trees, Champs-Elysees stretches its irresistible beauty from a public square called Place de la Concorde to a famous landmark, the Arc de Triomphe. In France, Champs – Elysees is regarded as the most upscale and high-end boulevard where prestigious and luxurious shops are seen in every turn.

Lombard Street (San Francisco, USA)

What makes this boulevard famous to tourists and all over the world is its crookedness, and there is no other boulevard in the world can have such character. With eight sharp switchbacks and a design that adapts to the steepness of Russian Hill where Lombard Street sits, it is named as “the world’s most crooked street.”

The Strip (Las Vegas, USA)

It is the world’s mecca for gambling, entertainment and bright lights and this boulevard never sleeps as it has varied features to enjoy any time of the day. In the morning, upscale hotels are all geared-up to provide its luxurious amenities from relaxing massage down to pleasant dining. As the sun takes a break, bright and flashy lights become alive and The Strip becomes crowded and tolerably noisy.

Broadway (New York, USA)

Apart from the musicals and theater industry, this famous Time Square area is popular in the world because of its flashy billboards which never fails to captivate one’s attention. No other boulevard in the world can have such unique and interesting scenery, that’s why no tourist leaves New York without experiencing the Broadway.

Passeig de Gracia (Barcelona, Spain)

This boulevard is popular to the world thanks to its remarkable architecture that adds spice and delight to the scene. Because Passeig de Gracia comprises of top of the line shopping destinations and business centers, it becomes Spain’s most celebrated avenue and is regarded as Barcelona’s most expensive street.


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