Best Whiskey Bars in The United States

In the United States, it has become increasingly easy to find bars specializing in whiskey. Most feature bartenders who work in a sommelier-like capacity to answer questions and offer suggestions that best suit your preferences. Today we offer to your attention some of the best whiskey bars in the USA.

Brandy Library: New York, New York

The interior of the barl is designed as a library, but instead of shelves with masterpieces of literary art, you will find more than 900 names of whiskey, brandy, rum, liquor and cognac. In the bar’s collection there are also such rare and exceptional drinks as Armagnac Lagarde 1900, Pierre Ferrand Cognac 1914 or Laubade Armagnac 1935. But your choice does not end there! Here you can discover more than 100 original and classic cocktails, as well as champagne and beer.

Silver Dollar: Louisville, Kentucky

There are many reasons to visit the Silver Dollar. Architecture junkies will be intrigued by how this 1890 fire house, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was transformed into one of Louisville’s hippest hangouts.

The southern regional cuisine on the menu has a spicy Mexican accent. And then, of course, there is the American whiskey, which is in no shortage here in the bourbon capital of the world.

Julep Cocktail Club: Kansas City, Missouri

Outside of Chicago, Julep Cocktail Club has the biggest whiskey selection in the region, clocking in at about 500 bottles. The drink list skews American, but Scotch, Irish, Japanese and Canadian are all accounted for, too.

Bartenders are knowledgeable and ready to reply to any of your brown-water questions. Flights, which change regularly to showcase a region or a theme, are a popular choice here, as are their outstanding mint juleps, which come in three varieties: vintage, traditional and modern. 

Seven Grand: Los Angeles, California

The bar’s whiskey menu is 44 pages long. Seven Grand claims the biggest whiskey collection in the West, making it an attraction for aficionados and the whisky-curious. The whiskey list does soar to super-premium heights, but the vibe here is very down-to-earth. And for those in-the-know, there’s Jackalope, an intimate Japanese-style whiskey bar tucked away in the back.

Multnomah Whiskey Library: Portland, Oregon

True to its name, the bar is set up as like a library reading room, complete with long tables and desktop-style lamps. But its shelves are not packed with books, but with about 2,000 bottles of whiskey, plus a healthy assortment of rum, tequila and cognac.

If cocktails are your preference, you’re in for a treat: the service here involves a dedicated bartender who takes the order at your table and makes the cocktail tableside.


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